我吹頭髮吹到一半 聽到聲音怪怪的 馬上停住 但是...已經造成來不及挽救的危機......

哇哇哇~~~ >o<" 我哭............

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  • lumwong
  • dont cry dont cry~....be careful next time and dont take photo la...a bit scare XD
    this is really a big crisis for u @@

    recently u got many jobs ar....the advertisement of underwear ... filming drama (hakka channel again and 黃玉榮again) ... and manymany functions .. so busy~~~u have around 2 weeks havent updated the blog i intially afraid u forgot here .. lucky its not this case ;] u just work hard in working :) remember keep updated ur blog ... i always wait for u !!!

  • wow~~why u didnt live in taiwan but can know everything about me?!! i will try my best ! ;) haha~

    林若亞 於 2010/01/22 22:16 回覆

  • 哈哈
  • 看見你還有許多頭髮可以吸..我怎半呀???
  • 你還是一樣的幽默~^^

    林若亞 於 2010/01/22 22:16 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • ridwanho
  • Poor Novia, how did that happen? Can't imagine how will you look like without hair! I guess just as pretty as usual.
  • hahaha~~~u r so nice.......heyhey....

    林若亞 於 2010/01/22 22:10 回覆

  • lumwong
  • - - hey .. there are many online news ... and many searchers e.g. google and yahoo...the news are really uopdated
    actually i search ur news and photo and so-on everyday ... its a common thing - -
    * i am now collecting and arranging ur old news and photos (A LOT U KNOW! difficult job~) hopefully can make a webpage to gather ur fans later he-hee :)
    ai-ya...i really hope i am in taiwan ar - - [dont need to read the news online+bid the magazine- -]

    (AM I A BIT CRAZY- -?)
    lum <- a silly - -
  • 哈哈
  • 哇!!!若小亞...你英文好強喔!!
  • luvnovia
  • #5 i know u
    i ve seen u on baidu..
    yeah u r a crazy fans like me
    uh,,, come on novia
    wish u wiz all my heart
  • 得勝
  • 願上帝祝福你 ,事業一切順利平安,歡迎你到得勝部落格一起分享與見證
  • thank you~ :)

    林若亞 於 2011/01/07 20:37 回覆

  • 李雪寧~shelling
  • 小雅姐姐你英文超級強ㄉ耶!你有趣國外讀書唷!
  • 小寧!^0^說.....
  • 若亞加油喲!!雪寧也是經常掉頭髮~~但我是用植物性的洗髮精所以.......就比較好一點也不要抓太用力啦!!如果抓太用力頭髮很容易掉喔!!請若亞多多注意喲!!